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Maja Backović                 Violin

Maja Backović comes from Serbia. At the age of seven she received her first violin lessons at the "School for Gifted Children." After studying in a music high school, she studied at the Belgrade Music Academy and later at the Salzburg Mozarteum. Her artistic work is well documented in numerous successful participations in national and international competitions, as well as her work as a soloist and chamber musician. She has worked with the Jeunesse Moving Orchestra, the Salzburg Chamber Soloists, the Salzburg Philharmonic, the Salzburg Baroque Orchestra Kontrapunktus, and Solamente Naturali Bratislava, among others. Maja also performs music for theater and contemporary dance.

The Ostbeatbend is delighted by her participation due to the emotional range of her instrument, her moving singing, and her positive energy.

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