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Robert Friedl –Clarinet/Saxophone

Robert Friedl is a Salzburg musician who moves in many musical genres. His musical field of work ranges from participation in large classical orchestras, to work as a soloist, to big bands, to small music groups such as duos and trios in the areas of jazz, Latin music and world music.

With his main instruments—the clarinet and saxophone—he is successfully active on a national and international level. After studying classical music at the Salzburg Mozarteum, he was passionately self-taught in the fascinating world of jazz. Thanks to Alegre Correa and Pedro Tagliani, his curiosity and great interest in the diversity of music was also fulfilled and expanded with music from South America, especially from Brazil. Through the discovery of the most diverse music cultures, including their playing styles and interpretations, his intensive examination of the genre of world music arose.

His involvement in music groups dedicated to the musical cultures of the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and India followed, finally opening another, new door in the genre of world music for Robert Friedl: the Ostbeatbend and music from the Balkans!

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